Someone who has collected numismatic items (coins, currency, bullion, and more) for many years and has decided it’s time to sell. Sometimes they just don’t want to collect anymore or their heirs are not interested in continuing the legacy. "I already have enough hobbies dad"…sound familiar? These folks have an edge because they tend to know which items are valuable, although they may not be up on current prices. It is wise to sell yourself rather than to leave to a child/heir that is uninformed or possibly financially irresponsible.

Heirs/ Legatees

You’ve found yourself with boxes of coins from a loved one and you just don’t know what to do. Between your wife, kids, work, and let’s not forget golf; you just don’t have the time for such a hobby (it is fun for some, but very time consuming). You decide it is best to sell and you need someone you can trust.

Everyone Else

  • Treasure Hunters who accumulate through yard sales and auctions.
  • Business owners/employees/cashiers that have hoarded rare or silver coins that came into the business.
  • People who had vending machines routes (usually coffee cans of silver quarters!)
  • Others just find things cleaning out an old drawer or closet.

Relevant Reading

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